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"You're about to discover critical secrets to succeeding in home business that most homepreneurs didn't know they needed to know!

Everything You Know About Working From Home Is Going To Change... Discover How You Can Enjoy Financial Freedom And Work/Life Balance While Living The Laptop Lifestyle!

Dear Friend,

I'm not here to sell you a business, but to help to succeed at YOUR CHOSEN business.

My name is Elaine Nicol. Over a time of 12 years I bounced from one home business to another and made so little money that all my friends and family told me to give up and find a job.

As I found out, finding a job was the easy part... but how do I retire? I had already dreamed the dreams of the wealth and financial freedom that millions of websites had promised me...

"I knew I wanted to own websites with residual income, so I could quit my job."

The problem was, working full time cost me so much time and energy that I couldn't successfully focus on building my business. Even part time, it was difficult for me. My brain was tired, friends and family were demanding my time and focus... it was stressful and anxiety-inducing.

Over these many years I've studied in detail many types on online businesses and what it takes to succeed. I've lost count of the courses I've completed in web-design, coding, copy-writing, sales, customer service, content marketing, email marketing, software development, automation, business planning, the list continues to grow.

2020 brought frightening days with little to no job security. How does one plan on supporting their family after employment benefits run out? What if I get fired or laid off again?? How do I retire???

Truth is, most aspiring homepreneurs never understand this truth, that home businesses are real businesses. Real businesses take more time to build than most realize.

Businesses take hard work, planning and preparation before money can ever be made!

Cash flow is critically important, as is a PLAN to set in motion.

There are always expenses, like electricity, web hosting, design, coding, different types of automation software, marketing, paid advertising, and most importantly, time!

"Time is the biggest expense that successful entrepreneurs spend BEFORE getting money."

Let's be brutally honest with ourselves here...

Time costs money. Even with a low-overhead business like online business, the more months that go by without breaking even, utility payments, membership fees, and assets... the more time you take, the times you will have to PAY these things, without compensation.

Average people think about making money as being hired by a business and paid for the hours they work. Most don't realize that the person who started that business worked for free for months or even years, took out loans, and even spent their own savings, so they could make more money than the people they hire.

"Business owners don't get paid by the hour, but for results."

They get paid by people spending money for their products or services.

Online business is no different. Systems take time to build, and cost money. The work must be put in first.

The hope is to earn the financial freedom to tend to family and life, and have the business run itself.

Making money from home takes work... but without the proper education and mentorship, most who aspire to this waste much of their precious time wheel-spinning and getting nowhere.

Becoming an home-based entrepreneur takes a lot of work on self - a re-training if you will. It's not the same as a job. Working at home around family, friends, and pets makes it difficult to focus.

Also, being your own boss requires a different kind of self-discipline than being at work... you'll only have your own expectations to fill, and you'll find it easier to let yourself down, as opposed to a boss who provides you a space and pays you by the hour.

"Why It Is Very Important For You To Invest In This Membership Right Now..."

In our ebooks you will discover how to:

  • Avoid the common pitfalls that guarantee failure
  • Set up your own membership site and make amazing money
  • Manage your time and calendar for effective work/life balance
  • Stay focused despite the endless distractions of working from home

As a member of, here's what you'll get:

  • Courses that teach both membership site building and life-management skills
  • Skills and tools that take you next level like free design tools, training, email marketing, online sales funnels, and videography
  • Access to our exclusive, members only article database
  • Email invitations to new courses added to our member platform

Why you'll want to join us today:

  • The growing home-based economy makes NOW the best time to target consumers in their homes.
  • Unrestricted access to our growing collection of online courses
  • Begin planning and building your systems
  • Your income potential is unlimited!
  • Start today for as little as $27.

"Are you ready to experience a paradigm shift?"

I don't recommend you quit your job to build your home business. But if you can make free time, take advantage!

Start a home business so you CAN quit your job, when money's not a problem anymore!

Which is why your paid membership includes the ebook series, "Membership Rockstar!":

  • Find out how to choose a profitable topic for your membership site that will attract hoards of members!
  • Drill down into some of the most profitable membership systems ever revealed, and start building your continuity website using these powerful, time-tested strategies!
  • Page 9 reveals a shocking strategy for building a profitable membership site in under an HOUR, without even needing a website!
  • Learn the insider strategies to instantly maximizing your membership sites' income with simple, built-in "profit funnels"!
  • Explore over 5 different membership platforms that are all easy to set up and proven to be profitable!

A membership site can be extraordinary profitable in almost any niche imaginable! You don't have to be in the "make money online" niche to make massive money with membership sites.

Do you realize if you get a mere 200 people to send you $227, that you will have been paid $45,400? Think you can do that in one month? That's the power of a membership site.

Do you have something you're passionate about? A hobby, sport, or other interest that you really enjoy? Did you know you could turn that passion into a profitable, long-term membership site?

Just take a look at some of the niches real people are making money in with membership sites:

  • Crafting niches like knitting, crochet, and sewing.
  • Helping people get into show business (modeling, singing, acting, etc.)
  • Home and garden niches like gardening and home improvement.
  • Outdoor niches like camping, fishing, hiking, and backpacking.
  • Sports like golf, hockey, tennis, basketball, and gymnastics.
  • Collecting hobbies like stamps, baseball cards, figurines, etc.

And that's barely scratching the surface of just how many niche markets you could venture into!

If a niche has passionate, loyal enthusiasts with money to spend, you can EASILY build a profitable membership website that provides them with the kind of content and tools they will pay top dollar for! Why not YOU collect that money??

For example, if you had a membership site where you taught a new 2 new items to crochet each month and charged $15 a month to your members, just think, if you got 1000 active members you would have a residual income of $15,000 PER MONTH. Crazy, right?

Your membership with EBizPlanning includes 4 additional Membership Site Success ebooks and access to personal one-on-one help so you can start collecting LOADS of money, for just a little bit of work each month! I'm here to help YOU.

"But wait, that's not all!"

Need more motivation?

You’ll know that you lack motivation if you have ever given up on a diet or exercise program, if you have spoken about writing a book/starting a business for months but never actually made any headway.

Perhaps you decided that you would wake up every day at 4AM like the top movers and shakers in the world… and then only stuck at it for a week? (If that?)

This all sounds depressing. But it’s not. It’s really not.

"Because grit, motivation, will power, and determination… these are all things that can be learned."

These are all things that can be TRAINED.

And because so few people have these traits anymore, once you develop them… you become a superhuman. It’s extraordinarily easy to become TOP CLASS when no one else is really trying their best!

But where do you start?

I've written a guide that shares the strategies and tactics to gaining motivation.

Let me introduce to you...


How To Sustain Long-Term Motivation and Set Yourself Up To Win at Anything You Set Your Mind To

In Bulletproof Motivation you will learn precisely how to tap into your motivation – such that you find everything becomes easier. You’ll be healthier, stronger, happier, more confident, wealthier, more successful… All because you know how and when to put in the work.

You’ll even have more free time because you’ll be working so efficiently the rest of the time.

With this course, you will learn how our brain creates a sense of motivation and discipline.

You’ll learn about the hormones, the physiological changes, and how to hack those processes to go after what you want.

Imagine tricking your body into WANTING the things you want! You work not because you’re forcing yourself too, but because your mind and body are excited to do that work.

What’s more, is that you’ll discover the techniques used by Navy SEALs to build mental toughness.

Imagine gaining the determination and drive of a SEAL – and imagine how much easier life will become as a result.

There's much more to this membership:


"Discover the 8 Most Important Metrics in Your Online Business So You Can Ensure you'll Always Know What's Working And What's Not"

You'll Find Out The Tips, Techniques And Exact Steps To Take To Finally Get The Results You Deserve!

Do you know where all your leads are coming from?

Do you know which ads are working and which ones are not?

These are essential and important metrics you need to know, or else you're steering blindly.

"Know Your Numbers!"

They say that ‘that which is measured, grows’.

That is to say that the simple act of measuring some metric or other can be enough to help that metric improve.

This is true for weight loss, where simply weighing yourself regularly can help the pounds fall off, and it is true of digital marketing.

If you are not measuring the progress of your website or the growth, then there is no way for you to apply the scientific method to ensure that it continues on an upward trajectory.

Without measuring, you have no way of knowing what’s working and what isn’t and you are essentially flying blind!

But how do you get started?

Measuring the success of a website is something that requires a certain science in itself.

What precisely should you be measuring?

What are the most important metrics?

And how do these numbers work together to provide a detailed understanding of your traffic and your success?

That's what I've put together in my brand new guide.


Internet Marketing Metrics

Here's what you'll discover in this guide:

  • Find out the 8 most important metrics for your website.
  • A metric you should be tracking if you want to find out whether your site is engaging or not.
  • To to measure your conversion rate. How many sales are you getting from the traffic your site is generating?
  • Do you know your customer lifetime value (CLV)? It's an important metric to know how much a customer is worth in your business.
  • Which sites, social networks and platforms are sending you the most traffic? You'll find out how to track this metric.
  • How to calculate your ROI (Return On Investment) so you know where to put your money and where not to.
  • Top tips to making sure you're investing your time and money into the right sources.
  • ...and much, much more!

But that's not all!


Want to increase your sales in your business?

"Get Instant Access To 100 Powerful Ways To Increase Your Sales No Matter What Business You're In!...

These Tips And Tactics Will Surely Attract More Customers And Sales!

People think that making profit is as simple as buying something for a dollar and selling it for two.

Well, the ‘buying’ part is easy especially if you have the money to invest. However, the ‘selling’ part can get really tricky. Many entrepreneurs go out of business because they failed on the ‘selling’ part.

This is because there are more tricks to doing business than meets the eye.

Many young entrepreneurs make the mistake of assuming that they already know everything that there is to know in running a business.

They think that common sense is all they need in order to run a business successfully and make lots of profits.

But there is a good reason why some people spend years in college just to know the tricks of doing business.

This is because doing business and making profit is not as easy as it looks. And common sense is definitely not enough.

So, should you go to college and get a business course degree before venturing into business?

Well, we are not saying that it is necessary for you to do so.

Instead, what we have done is researched, tested and wrote a guide consisting of 100 tactics to increase your sales.

Infinite Sales!

100 Tactics To Increase Your Sales - No Matter What Business You're In!


  • 100 different ways to increase your sales - online and offline
  • How to make additional sales more efficiently. These tactics will double, even quadruple your sales. Just implement one and see for yourself.
  • The power of upselling and cross-selling with every product/service you sell.
  • How to offer freebies and make profit at the same time.
  • How to advertise more effectively. There are free ways to advertise and promote your business. Try these tactics.
  • Using the "Perfect Timing" tactic to see an influx of sales!
  • + many, many more ways, tips, tricks and tactics to further increase your bottom line!

Remember, there's 100 ways to increase your sales in this guide which you can use right away!

"That's Just A Taste Of The Courses I Add Weekly"

Your membership will be valuable to you and worth way more than I am charging.

Not only will you learn how to get your own membership site making big money for you, but you'll also have other great courses to help you with the success of your business.

If you enjoy learning, every single course in your membership area is going to empower you with helpful tips and knowledge that will help speed up your learning curves. No more time wasted trying to figure stuff out on your own.

With a VIP Lifetime membership you'll get PERMANENT ACCESS TO DOWNLOAD ALL 5 EBOOKS of the Membership Rockstar Series, off the get go, with a simple one-time payment. Plus I'll be adding new additional ebooks and courses on helpful topics to help you succeed, like email marketing training, affiliate traffic, outsourcing work, and more over the next few months.

Make no mistake about it, if you do not equip yourself with the right knowledge, you will get into a LOT of trouble and waste tons of money (even more than the price of this program by 10 to a hundred times, in fact!)

Plus, I'm here to help if you have any trouble. Just send in a support ticket or call.


You can test drive these products for a full 30 days after your purchase! Check it out and see if it is right for you.

If for any reason at all, you're not satisfied with this product whatsoever, just contact me, let me know why, and I'll refund your purchase, provided you delete the copies off your hard drive.

These information products are packed with highly valuable information that will equip you to make loads of money online. Self-education prepares you for success. Start your education today.


"Grab Yours Today!"

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What Members Are Saying:

The courses and tools inside eBizPlanning helped me better prepare to build my membership site to completion, learn how to use email marketing, and automate my system.

- Sherryl

Getting my membership site ready was easier than I thought, but it did take time, it was so worth it. I recommend her courses.

- Marcel

Thanks for personal help Elaine. No regrets owning this membership.

- Gary

Remember: your purchase is backed by my 100% satisfaction money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose except a chance to try it out for yourself!

With your VIP Lifetime membership you'll get PERMANENT ACCESS TO DOWNLOAD ALL 5 EBOOKS of the Membership Rockstar Series, off the get go, with a simple one-time payment. Plus I'll be adding new additional ebooks and courses weekly, as I have them ready, on helpful topics to help you succeed, like email marketing training, affiliate traffic, outsourcing work, and more, over the next few months.

It's always up to you, Success or failure, and how you respond to either. You choose, your choice. There is an absolute abundance of prosperity that you can tap into, a membership site is a very easy way to tap into HUNDREDS of sources of income. Your members.

Learn as much as you can, and get the help you need. I'll be here.

Hope you enjoy. I'll see you inside the members area.

Elaine Nicol

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